About Us

CowCare is a non profit organization with a mission to provide “Abhaydan” (Life without fear) to Cows who are regarded like a mother in our culture.

Cowcare humbly endeavors to become the voice of these voiceless creatures and provides means to rescue them from slaughter houses, rehabilitation, medical treatment and care.

We are a registered non-profit organization in India as well as in the USA as a registered 501(c) organization. 

Our Mission 

Every life is precious. If we humans consider ourselves as superior species,then  it requires us to be more humane and compassionate towards all the creatures around us as they feel the same pain, hunger and thirst as we do. With this empathetic vision and belief, CowCare began its journey in the world of animal welfare in the year of 2022. We absolutely dedicate our existence in the service of innocent cows that often stay neglected for good healthcare, better living conditions, love and kindness they deserve.

Our Journey so far

Our Cowcare had opened its door to the world on Feb 5th 2022 by opening up 1st Jain Panjrapole / Gaushala in the State of Kerala India with saving 61 total Cows/ Bulls/ Baby calf, by the name “Chalo Nirvana” Jain Panjrapole/ Gaushala by rescuing all the Indian breeds from abuse and going to be slaughter 

While practicing Abhaydaan at “Chalo Nirvana” Jain Panjrapole, Gaushala is our 1st attempt and we will start to bring all the animal shelters under one roof with the same practice and spread the words of Abhaydaan. 

We want to create a platform through which ! We are able to provide a place to those who are in Fear and looking to have a life without any Fear.

Team Members (INDIA)

Team Members (USA)