The books in this class might touch on the expansion of capitalism, or the development from America. My paintings are as a reflection of the present, and reflect the actual experiences of blackness both today and in the past in everyday life as well as in the art historical canon. United States. We’re not online at present. American Women’s History. You can however write us an email and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. When they finish this class, students will have a solid understanding of how women have played a role in shaping American the course of history.

The importance of studying history essay Example. The students study the evolution of women’s roles, status in the legal system, and rights. The necessity of learning history is in question by many , particularly students. The class offers a deeper comprehension of the movement for women’s rights in America as well as major law cases and court decisions which impacted women’s rights.

Then, why are we so concerned with what’s happened? What significance does it have for us? It is regarded as his-story, and his is the story of human race. Special Programs that were featured in History. Story has to be related to the events that have occurred. What are the requirements for admission for an online Bachelor’s in History program? The Greek phrase for "history," it is "historia" which is a term used to refer to for the knowledge gained through study.

Online Application. We live in the man present, and we plan and look forward to the future. Students have to fill out online applications on the college’s site or through Common App, a program that lets students submit one application to multiple colleges. However, history involves the investigation of history. The standard college application requires applicants to provide personal financial, professional and professional information.

The word"history" can have numerous meanings. Transcripts. It’s an account of events that occurred in the past as they occur in a sequence and involves the research of the past things, causes, and the results of them; it’s all that’s saved or remembered in the present, primarily in writing. In the process of applying students will need to provide either hard copy or electronic transcripts. In the words of Mathews(2008), "history depicts the fascinating events that took place in the past since how the world came to be a reality". Most likely, students will need to pay a fee to request transcripts.

Thus, the past provides us with an explanation of past events. In certain cases colleges will accept unofficial transcripts in conjunction with the application. They also help us determine the connection between the past and the present. Admissions can handle the obtaining of transcripts from students in some situations. History is a significant subject in a variety of fields, since it allows us to avoid making the same mistakes that occurred over the years. Essay. It is possible to find out the reason the error was made.

The colleges often require students to submit additional documents with their applications, like the personal or professional essay. It can serve as a base for the rest of us. The personal essay is a description of the background of the student and their goals. Through history , we have the ability to be able to do things right. A professional essay is focused on the background of the student’s career and their choice of major. It’s possible we’ve done better than before since we already know its past.

Essays typically last 1 to 2 pages. Furthermore the fact that everything happening now is a result of the past. Reference Letters of Reference. It assists us in becoming more efficient in making decisions and we can learn from the past as we begin to research and take an interest. Students should include 3 to 4 letters of reference along when they submit their application. The edifice of things that could have a profound impact on our lives now as well as in the future.

They typically come from professional relationships including mentors, professors or supervisors from internships or jobs. Through time, we have been in a position to find solutions to our issues without the need of trial and failure. FAFSA.

It offers us fast and immediate solutions to our problems , without the threat of making any more mistakes. When they have completed their university application form, college students in need of federal financial assistance should complete an FAFSA form. It offers a direction that can allow us to make advancement and growth. The FAFSA must be completed on or before June 30th and renew it annually. It also motivates us to take on new challenges and surpass the achievements of famous people from the past. The financial aid office decides how much aid they will award every student, based on their FAFSA. Without history, we’ll be more likely to make mistakes and lose a lot of money.

What’s the best way to use an online bachelor’s degree in History? There are some sayings that are something to do with the subject of history and some of them include: "history repeats itself" and the most well-known statement that nearly everyone has heard has to be "I learned from my mistakes in the past". A bachelor’s degree in historical studies prepares students for many different paths. When it comes to understanding how changes occurred and the way in which our society evolved, understanding the history of our society is an important resource. "The past creates the present, which in turn creates the future. Students can choose to pursue their studies or join the workforce once they have earned their degree. It is through studying history that we comprehend how things change and only through time can we comprehend the causes of changes, and only through studying history can we discover what aspects of an institution or a community endure despite change". (Stearns,2009) History studies aids in understanding our morality.

After the senior year students can apply for graduate school in order to obtain an MA in history. When we study the stories of people and the events of the past, it is clear that our morality is being examined. Students can choose to pursue careers in high schools libraries, colleges, or even museums. This is also true for our personal identity.

Higher-level positions such as curator, professor historian, or curator typically require a master’s degree. It also assists in providing the identity of our family; it has been established by historical records. It is important to note that it is important to study history as it can help us to understand. Four Reasons to Study History. is crucial to the individual as well as society, as it has beauty. If you’re looking to choose a subject there are many choices.

Wherever we go, whatever aspect of our lives there’s always a history. However, most students are looking for to choose something that’s intriguing, has many options in their studies, and also offers an opportunity after the graduation. It forms the foundation of everything that’s happening in the present because of what happened in the past.

History is a vast field of study and could be an excellent basis for entry into professional programs including law school. Without the past, we’re nothing. These degrees provide a great intellectual challenge, and are valued by employers.

We’ll be ignorant of the world around us. There are many different types of degrees in history as well as fields of research. This is among the most crucial aspects of our lives.

As the philosopher and writer George Santayana said, "Those who do not take the time to learn from their experiences in the past will be destined to repeat the mistakes of their past." Learning about history will help determine the direction of the future. The present and the future we’ll have tomorrow will always be influenced by our history. Here are four benefits to learn about history.

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